Furniture for the forward-thinking.

There are two types of contemporary furniture.

The Aspirational, which will cost you dearly. And the Disposable, which will fall apart. Make room for a third option.

The Dims. way

There are two types of contemporary furniture.

In your league

We believe great design doesn’t need an elitist price tag.

There are two types of contemporary furniture.

Sustainably made

We believe in using earth-friendly, non-toxic materials.

There are two types of contemporary furniture.


We believe in the value of bold, original design.

Meet our lineup.

We’re partnering with forward-thinking designers from around the world to save your home from ordinary furniture, one Dims. original at a time.

16.5 × 16.5 × 20.6 in.

Rove Side Table

By Kenyon Yeh
23.6 × 23.6 × 14.2 in.

Caldera Coffee Table

By John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho
25.6 × 15.8 × 27.6 in.

Barbican Trolley

By Visibility
55.0 × 29.5 × 29.0 in.

Eave Table

By MSDS Studio

Our ideas have legs.

Sometimes four.

Transparent pricing.

99% of furniture companies don’t want you to know their costs. At Dims., we’ve got nothing to hide. From material costs to our (very reasonable) markups, we’ll break down every dollar and cent.

Cost to Make
Fast Furniture
Traditional Luxury

Dims. is different by design.

Dims. furniture blends clever utility with undeniable good looks. All while delivering a new level of quality, transparency and affordability. We call it new-century modern.

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