New-Century Modern

Dims. is different by design

We’re partnering with forward-thinking designers from around the world to save your home from ordinary furniture, one Dims. original at a time.

Why Dims.

Dims. is different by design

In your league

Who says great design needs an elitist price tag? Not us.

Dims. is different by design

Premium materials

Dims. furniture is high-grade, earth-friendly and non-toxic.

Dims. is different by design


We’re designing the classics of tomorrow, today.

Meet our lineup.

We’ve commissioned some of the handsomest, cleverest tables out there, just for you. Next up: things to sit on.

16.5 × 16.5 × 20.6 in.

Rove Side Table

By Kenyon Yeh
23.6 × 23.6 × 14.2 in.

Caldera Coffee Table

By John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho
25.6 × 15.8 × 27.6 in.

Barbican Trolley

By Visibility
55.1 × 29.5 × 28.7 in.

Eave Table

By MSDS Studio
Coming Soon

Our ideas have legs.

Sometimes four.

Transparent pricing.

99% of furniture companies don’t want you to know their costs. At Dims., we’ve got nothing to hide. From material costs to our (very reasonable) markups, we’ll break down every dollar and cent.

Cost to Make
Fast Furniture
Traditional Luxury

Dims. is different by design.

The Dims. philosophy blends clever utility with undeniable good looks. All while delivering a new level of quality, transparency and affordability. We call it new-century modern.

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