It’s impossible to find high-quality modern design that isn’t priced for 1%ers.


Dims. World-class designers. Sustainably sourced materials. Realistic prices.

New-century modern

Furniture for the future.

Design should evolve as we do. But in the quest for short-term gain, most furniture makers play the cookie-cutter, copy-paste game. Dims. is playing the long game. We started by searching the globe for the freshest design talent of today, then tasked them with creating furniture for tomorrow.

Pricing, minus the veneer.

The truth about high-end furniture: retail markups can multiply faster than you can say your times tables. At Dims., our only big overhead is a weekly payment to our barista and the only window dressing is our website. There’s no middleman because we sell direct to you. That means you save, and we don’t compromise on quality. Win, win.

Firm principles. Solid, safe furniture.

All of our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We use finishes and adhesives that are Greenguard-certified, meaning they’ve met some of the world’s most rigorous standards for low emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And when we work with steel, we use only the finest powder coating — 100% free from VOCs and heavy toxic metals.

A word (or 73) from the Dims. team.

A word (or 73) from the Dims. team.

Great design is something to aspire to, but attainability shouldn’t be an afterthought. At Dims., we factor this in from the very beginning. Why create something universally beautiful that can only be appreciated by a select few? And why compromise on materials now, when great pieces should be enjoyed for generations? The Dims. answer: a collection of designer pieces, without the designer price tag. All with a level of quality that ensures longevity.

Less says more

Our design approach speaks volumes